Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This is a tough one. Where do I start…... Employees are definitely one of the most important parts of your Business,
Growing it as well Staying in it….
In the Business of fine Woodworking it can be real hard to find good help, real hard.. I took me a while be for I found some good ones, I should say great ones, they might read this….
When Looking, try and find some one that loves woodworking. They take more pride in it and they won’t let the little things slip by.
Family can be good some times,,,, but sometimes it’s not… All depends on the Family Member.
Friends are not a good Idea, they always take it to personally..
Take your time, look hard. Don’t settel you’ll regret it.
Now, once you found them, it’s holding on to them. This can be really tough. There is a fine line as a employer you have to walk. You always want to be fair and Honest with them and be Friends with them bet yet they are still your employees… Really hard to do both.
What I do Know Is that when you get a good Employee you hold on too him. They are just to hard to find.
There is so much more to consider about your employees but I think and hope you get my point.
Take care of your Guys or Gals if you have good ones, because the’ll take care of you.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Do's and Don't Running a Small Furniture and Cabinet shop.: Building Within your Commissioned budget.

Do's and Don't Running a Small Furniture and Cabinet shop.: Building Within your Commissioned budget.: Hey there, Building Within your Commissioned budget. Not a easy thing to do. I have gone over budget so many times it's not even funny. I...

Building Within your Commissioned budget.

Hey there,
Building Within your Commissioned budget.
Not a easy thing to do.
I have gone over budget so many times it's not even funny. It cost me so much time and money.
It's wasn't because I made mistakes, It was because I over Designed. I tried to do do much.
When I was in School at the Australian School of fine Furniture One of my lectures explained to me that with every commission you should try to do something that you have never done before, even if it's just something little. Take the opportunity with every commission to learn something new.
Wise Words.
The problem was I tried to many new things.  I think I spent to much time worrying about trying to grow my business and Expand.
Now, when I get a commission I really put a lot of thought into it. I break it down!!!! To the last Dove tail if I have to...
Don't Get me wrong, I will always try and Design something out of the box. But now, I will think it out in Full detail  and add to the Budget. If it's not approved by the Client then I move on to the next design.
NOTE: Some Client will have you Design till the Cows come home. So be aware.
Next, Ill go over Employes.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey there, I just want to start of by Expanding a little more from my last post. " Not Becoming Financially burden" Yes I know, Having a up to date Fully outffited Workshop is Key for running a successful  Woodworking Business, But jumping Right in is a bit to risky right in the beginning.

 Now this model for running a woodworking Business is really only for only the Woodworkers like my self who already had A few years of experience  and have a somewhat of a collection of tools & Machinery.
So what do you do if you don't borrow money to buy Equipment ? Well, what help me in the workshop the most was to make the most with what I had. It was to Turn one Machine into multipul Machines. I spent the time making all the jigs and accessories  for every machine I hade. It takes a lot of time, but well worth it.
Then as you Grow you can start to prioritize what Machinery you need first.

The next thing that I think is a ABSOLUTE  MUST in the Workshop.
It is to be CLEAN & ORGANIZED!!!!.  There is now way around this...........
Your in this Business so that you can do what you love and to make a Living at it.
If your Shop is clean and organized your work will reflect it. Clean and tight...
I have to say that I have taken it to a whole new level,  my guys in the Shop are always giving me  grife. My last little obsession was making these little magnetic tool boxes that attach to each piece
of Machinery in the Shop. I filled each Boxe with every tool I needed service and maintenance that piece  of Machinery. The Cost of a few Spanners and Allen Wrenches is small compared to the time you'll spend  looking for that Dame odd Metric sized Allen Wrench that pulls the Shroud of you Planner.

Next I'll talk a little about Designing and Building Within your commissioned Budget....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Where do I begin. There are so many Pitfalls in Running a Small Furniture / cabinet shop. I was vary lucky. I attended the Australian School of fine Furniture where I felt we were Prepared as much as they could for the real world of making a carrer in Fine Woodworking.  WHAT I HAVE LEARED SINCE THEN!!!!!
What I'm Gonna try and do here is give small bits of critical info.  Not just about staying in business but
Growing it as well.
For anyone out there that may read this please go easy on me, I'm not much of a writer but I'm trying.
I guess all I'm really trying to do is help the small Fine Woodworking Businesses . There were so many problems I hade in the beginning, It was frustrating. So if I can help anyone not make some of the mistakes I did then great.
Have to get to the Shop.. First...
#1 Try as hard as you can to not over extend your self financially. What I mean Is don't barrow a butt load of money, not with out a plan at least. And trust me, your plan probably  has holes in it if your a new business.  Being Financially burden will compromise the quality of you work. And the Quickest way to go out of Business is to do Poor Work....  Your work always has to shine....