Friday, March 1, 2013

Finding Materials

Hey Everyone.
I guess the next thing i'll discuss is in running a small Furniture/Cabinet Shop is Finding Good material.  Sheet Stock / Hardwoods.
I do believe that it is essential  for you to find good sources for you all your Materials. Having a good Back supply of stock is incredibly important for long term success.  Finding it Locally is obviously the best, but I know that can't always happen. As far as your hardwood is concerned I think one your best bet's is to find a good small local Mill.  Try and start a good relationship with these guys because there Milling Price can change day to day. Once you have a good relationship built with your Mill you can then start networking with al your local  Arborist , Loggers,  landscape Contractors , anyone who deals with taking down trees.
Do watch out for Urban Trees, they can sometimes be filled with metal.  So If you do start buying Urban Logs let you Miller know where they came from.
You will be so surprised how much time and money you will save once you start building your Hardwood stock. As far as sheet stock your sheet stock is concerned I thing is is always best to buy Domestic, most Euro ply's are low quality.
Always remember, This is My opinion of course,  if you use great material you will always make more money.
I know it's more expensive and it can add up, but is's well worth it.
And the reasons why you will make more money is #1 If you build something with quality material it will show in your work, and if your work always shines you will do well.  
#2 Fusing with crappie materials takes to much time, the money you save in your stock will be lost in
I hope this was helpful.

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