Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This is a tough one. Where do I start…... Employees are definitely one of the most important parts of your Business,
Growing it as well Staying in it….
In the Business of fine Woodworking it can be real hard to find good help, real hard.. I took me a while be for I found some good ones, I should say great ones, they might read this….
When Looking, try and find some one that loves woodworking. They take more pride in it and they won’t let the little things slip by.
Family can be good some times,,,, but sometimes it’s not… All depends on the Family Member.
Friends are not a good Idea, they always take it to personally..
Take your time, look hard. Don’t settel you’ll regret it.
Now, once you found them, it’s holding on to them. This can be really tough. There is a fine line as a employer you have to walk. You always want to be fair and Honest with them and be Friends with them bet yet they are still your employees… Really hard to do both.
What I do Know Is that when you get a good Employee you hold on too him. They are just to hard to find.
There is so much more to consider about your employees but I think and hope you get my point.
Take care of your Guys or Gals if you have good ones, because the’ll take care of you.

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