Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey there, I just want to start of by Expanding a little more from my last post. " Not Becoming Financially burden" Yes I know, Having a up to date Fully outffited Workshop is Key for running a successful  Woodworking Business, But jumping Right in is a bit to risky right in the beginning.

 Now this model for running a woodworking Business is really only for only the Woodworkers like my self who already had A few years of experience  and have a somewhat of a collection of tools & Machinery.
So what do you do if you don't borrow money to buy Equipment ? Well, what help me in the workshop the most was to make the most with what I had. It was to Turn one Machine into multipul Machines. I spent the time making all the jigs and accessories  for every machine I hade. It takes a lot of time, but well worth it.
Then as you Grow you can start to prioritize what Machinery you need first.

The next thing that I think is a ABSOLUTE  MUST in the Workshop.
It is to be CLEAN & ORGANIZED!!!!.  There is now way around this...........
Your in this Business so that you can do what you love and to make a Living at it.
If your Shop is clean and organized your work will reflect it. Clean and tight...
I have to say that I have taken it to a whole new level,  my guys in the Shop are always giving me  grife. My last little obsession was making these little magnetic tool boxes that attach to each piece
of Machinery in the Shop. I filled each Boxe with every tool I needed service and maintenance that piece  of Machinery. The Cost of a few Spanners and Allen Wrenches is small compared to the time you'll spend  looking for that Dame odd Metric sized Allen Wrench that pulls the Shroud of you Planner.

Next I'll talk a little about Designing and Building Within your commissioned Budget....

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